How to create a Call note

After making a call you can jot down the conversation's notes in a Call note. Watch the video below on how to create a Call note:

To add a call note, open a contact and follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the phone number in the contact in order to automatically open a Call note or just click on Add Call (see A).
  2. Select conversation result e.g. Interested or No Answer, Left message (see B).
  3. Enter your call note in the text area box (see C).
  4. Attach a file to your note from your computer, Google Drive or Dropbox. (optional). Note: You can drag n' drop attachments also.
  5. Press Save to record the note.

  • You can customize the call result options
  • You can review the call activity in the Activity Reporting page to see how many calls were made and segmented by conversation result.
  • If you'd like to track meeting notes, add "Meeting" as a call result.
  • You can turn off notifications of a contact owner when adding a note or call in the Settings page > Preferences. 

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