How to create a Call Note

Keep track of the calls you make and the outcome for each call by adding a Call note to your contacts.

Open a contact → click Add Call → select preferred call result → add text in the note area and add attachments if required → Save.
Your note will be recorded under the contact activity timeline →  Notes & Calls.
  • If you'd like to track meeting notes, add "Meeting" as a call result. See here how to customize the call result options.
  • If you add a call note for a contact that not owned by you, the contact owner will receive a notification. You can turn off auto-notifications in your Preferences. See here.
  • You can review the call activity in the Activity Reporting page to see how many calls were made and segmented by conversation result. See here.
  • The maximum size of a file that can be uploaded is 10 MB.

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