Activity Reporting

The Activity reporting page gives you a summary of all your sales team's activities in your account. Details of Notes, Calls, Deals, Actions, Emails and Updates (new contacts created, deleted, status updates, edits etc) are displayed here. You can segment by different team members, filters and date.

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Activity types
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Activity types

Data is segmented based on the different activities which has taken place in an account. Click on each tab to see the total of each activity completed. 

Each tab displays a different activity:

  • All gives an overview of all your activities sorted in chronological order.
  • Notes displays all updates relating to notes created and edited along with totals.
  • Calls shows all completed calls and conversation results along with totals.
  • Deals displays updates and statistics relating to Deals won / lost / pending along with totals.
  • Actions gives an overview of Actions completed / deleted and updated along with totals.
  • Emails displays all sent and received emails along with totals.
  • Updates gives an overview of individual and bulk edits made to your contacts such as updates on status, tags, address, emails addresses, ownership etc.

Note: You can open your contact in a popup while viewing the Activity page to add next actions, notes, deals and calls. 

Filter your activities

In the Activity reporting page you can filter your activities by team member, filter (tags & filters) and dates.

  1. To segment your activity by team member click on All team members → select the team member whose activity you wish to view. 

  2. To segment by filters (tags & filters) click on Filter → select Tags or Filters. 

  3. To segment by date range use the date picker or the Quick Select option.

Search your activities

Type any of the search terms below in the search bar.
First and last name Organization name
Phone number Email address
Background Notes
Calls Deals
Select in Activity page.

Any activity matching the term criteria will be found and listed in the Activity page. 

  • Account owner or Administrator can also set up users' rights to view Activity page. Read more here.

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