How to use Advanced search?

OnePageCRM’s Advanced search feature allows you to search by a combination of multiple criteria like:

  • Status
  • Tag
  • Job title
  • Star
  • Owner
  • Organization
  • Lead source
  • Date created
  • Email
  • Database utilities
    • Duplicates
    • Last activity
  • Actions
    • Assigned to
    • Next Action date
    • Next Action text
    • Closed sales cycle date
    • Closing comment text
  • Deals
    • Expected close date
    • Date closed
    • Status (Won/Lost/Pending)
    • Deal owner
    • Deal name
    • Deal value (total)
    • Date created
    • Commission
    • Cost
    • Margin
    • Custom fields
  • Calls
    • Call results
    • Call date
  • Contact address
    • Address
    • Zip
    • Street
    • City
    • State
    • Country
  • Organization address
    • Address
    • Zip
    • Street
    • City
    • State
    • Country
  • Contact Custom fields
  • Organization-wide custom fields

To search for contact related details using the Advanced Search feature, click the downward arrow to the right side of the search box and follow the guidelines below (see A):

  1. The number of contacts meeting your search criteria will appear to the top right (see B).
  2. In the Advanced Search pop-up, select all or any option from Where contacts match of the following… drop down to get results with all or any matching filter condition (see C).
  3. Select a predefined field (listed above), assigned criteria and enter your desired option (see D).
  4. Click on the Add search term link to combine multiple criteria (see E).
  5. To save this search, enter name in the Save search as a filter? field (Optional) (see F). Otherwise leave this blank to only run the advanced search without saving it.
  6. Click Run to generate the results and/or to save this as a filter (see G).
  • Live update of available contacts is shown in top right corner of the Advanced Search pop-up.
  • If a contact is updated as a part of a Bulk Update, this is not recorded when you run the Last Activity filter.

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