How to use Pipeline filters?

You can filter your pipeline by deal owner and by deals which fall under different tags or specific saved filters. This can be useful if your company deals with different client groups and you wish to see how well your company's deals are going according to each group.

To filter your deal pipeline:

  1. Go to Pipeline tab.
  2. Select Filter by (see A).
  3. Choose to filter by Tags (see B) or by saved Filters (see C).

Creating a new saved Filter

Filtering your pipeline by saved filters is useful if you want to filter the pipeline by more than one parameter. 

  1. Click on the Advanced search drop down in your search bar.
  2. Set your filter criteria (see D).
  3. Enter a name for your filter (see E) and when you're ready, hit Save & Run.
  4. Go back to Pipeline and select Filter by (see F).
  5. You can now choose your new saved filter from the menu (see G). 

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