How to use Filters

Filter your contacts to quickly and easily search through your database to create uncluttered reports of your contact groups. You can add and select multiple search criteria such as custom fields, address, deals, duplicate contacts, last activity etc. Go one step further and save your Filter for later use in the Pipeline.

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Add / Save Filter Edit a saved Filter
Clone a saved Filter Delete a saved Filter

Add Filter

In OnePageCRM you can filter by a combination of multiple criteria:

if you are on the Business plan and have User Groups, you can filter by User Groups for the Owner criteria.

Go to Filters → Add filter
In the Filter pop up define criteria
Click  Add another filter  line to combine multiple criteria.
Set whether you want the filter to match all criteria or any one of the filter criteria selected in  Where contacts match of the following… .
Hit   Run.
Note: Type a name for the filter in the field Save Filter? to have the filter saved. 

Edit a saved Filter

Click arrow beside filter → Edit.
In Filter pop up make required edits → Save & Run.

Clone a saved Filter

Click arrow beside filter → Clone.
In Filter pop up make the required edits → Save & Run.

Delete a saved Filter

Click arrow beside filter → Delete.
  • Live update of available contacts in this filters is shown in top right corner of the Filter pop-up.
  • Saved filters can also be used to in the Pipeline. See here.

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