How to add/edit/delete Custom Fields

Customize your contact's data with Custom Fields that allow you to create additional fields to store information about your contacts. There are 3 types of custom fields: Contact, Organization, and Deal Custom Fields. 

These  Custom Fields can be added, edited, or removed only by an Account Owner or Administrator.

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Add a Custom Field Edit a Custom Field
Delete a Custom Field

Add a Custom Field


Go to your  User/Profile (in the top right-hand corner) → Settings → Custom Fields tab → Contacts Field → Click +Add.

Add a Field name and select Field type for your new Custom Field.

Click Save when done.

Select a Custom Field and simply 'drag and drop' it to re-order the list of custom fields.

Edit a Custom Field

Click on the pencil icon to the right of the Custom Field you wish to edit.

In the Edit Custom field box → update the required details.

Click Save.

Delete a Custom Field

Click on the  bin icon to the right of the custom field you wish to delete.

In the warning message, click OK to confirm the deletion of the custom field.

You have the option to restore a deleted Custom Field within 24 hours.
Click Undo delete


  • To enable the Title custom field, check out How to add Title to a contact?
  • You can re-order checkbox and dropdown field options by using 'drag&drop' while editing the Custom Field.
  • You can also follow these steps to add/edit/delete Custom Fields for organizations using Organization Fields and deals using Deal Fields.
  • There is no Anniversary date field type for Deal Fields or Organization Fields.

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