How to cancel your OnePageCRM plan?

To cancel your subscription plan, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to gear iconUsers and Billing (see A).

  2. Under Billing, click on the Cancel plan link just below the Billing Info section (see B).

  3. In the Cancel Plan pop-up, enter your password in the Enter your password to cancel your subscription field (see C) and click on the Cancel Plan button (see D).
  4. Your OnePageCRM plan will be cancelled at the end of your billing cycle (see E). 

  • After cancellation, only Account Owner will be allowed to access the account to restore, export data, update users or delete account. None of the other users on the account will be able to access the account.
  • The cancellation can be reverted at anytime before the end of billing cycle. For more information click here.

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