How to re-subscribe to OnePageCRM?

If your subscription is canceled and would like to start using OnePageCRM again, you can do so by re-subscribing. Follow our instructions to re-subscribe: 

Log in as the Account Owner as only this user type can access an unsubscribed account.
Click on your  User profile → Users, Plans and Billing  Billing.  Your previous subscription plan details are displayed here.
In the Plan Details section, select your preferred  Number of users and/or  Billing interval.
Click Save & Continue.
In the expanded  Secure Payment section, enter your credit card details, tick  I have read & accept the Terms of Service → click Subscribe Now.
You've successfully re-subscribed to your OnePageCRM plan and your card is charged immediately.
  • Currency is set to your initial preferred currency. This cannot be changed when re-subscribing.
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