How to re-subscribe to OnePageCRM?

If you wish to re-subscribe to OnePageCRM, follow the instructions below:

  1. Access your OnePageCRM account. ONLY Account Owner's can access the account.
  2. Go to gear iconUsers and Billing (see A).
  3. Under Billing, your previous subscription plan details are displayed.
  4. In Plan Details section, select your preferred Number of users and/or Billing interval (see B).
  5. Click Save & Continue (see C).
  6. In the expanded Secure Payment section, enter your credit card details, tick I have read & accept the Terms of Service and click Pay now.
  7. You successfully re-subscribed to your OnePageCRM plan and your card is charged immediately.
  • Currency is set to your initial preferred currency. This cannot be changed when resubscribing.

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