How to split data into two columns in Excel to prepare for OnePageCRM import

If you wish to separate data from one column into two follow the instructions below: 

Open the spreadsheet containing the data that you want to separate → select the data by clicking on the column heading at the top.
Click the Data tab → select  Text to Columns button in the Data Tools section of the ribbon at the top of the window.

Excel spreadsheet with data in one column

Select a file type option → click Next:
  • Delimited: if data contains some specific characters by which it can be separated such as empty space, dash etc
  • Fixed width: if you want to split the data at a set number of characters. 

Select delimiter or fixed width for splitting

If you selected Delimited choose the character that you want to set as the split →  Next

Choose delimiter

If you are using the Fixed width option →  click  the point where you want the split to occur → Next.

Choose the width of the column to split

Select the data format for you require →  Finish.

Select data format of target columns

The data in the column you split will be moved to a new column on the right.

Data splitted into two columns


  • Splitting data into multiple columns is also available for Excel in Microsoft 365. Similarly, click the Data tab → select the Split Text to Columns button → select the Delimiter → click the Apply button.
  • Analogical functionality is available in Google Sheets. Click on the Data → select the Split text to columns from the dropdown → select the Delimiter or allow for auto-detection → click on the delimiter selection pop-up.

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