How to split data into two columns in Excel?

If you wish to separate data from one column into two follow the instructions below: 

  1. Open the spreadsheet containing the data that you want to separate.
  2. Select the data by clicking on the column heading at the the column heading
  3. Click the Data tab > Text to Columns button in the Data Tools section of the ribbon at the top of the window
  4. how to split data in one column to two columns in excel 2010
  5. Select a file type option (see options below) and click Next to continue.
    • Delimited: if data contains some specific characters by which it can be separated such as empty space, dash etc.
    • Fixed width: if you want to split the data at a set number of characters. 

    choose how to split the column

  6. Choose the character that you want to set as the split, then click Next. If you are using the Fixed width option, click the point where you want the split to occur.choose excel 2010 character delimiter
  7. Select the data format for each of the columns, then click Finish to split your column. And voila!
  8. choose format for split columns

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