Importing contacts from Highrise

Using our direct Highrise import tool, you can transfer your contacts from Highrise CRM into your OnePageCRM account in a few simple steps. 

Go to your User/Profile icon (top right-hand corner) → Import and ExportHighrise Import from file.

Import & Export Page, click on Highrise Direct import.

If you have not yet connected your Highrise Account enter your Highrise details → click Next.

  • Highrise URL - You can find this by going to Highrise and copying the first section of the Highrise URL from your browser address bar.
  • API token - You can find this by logging into Highrise → Accounts settings (Settings for Highrise sub-user → My info → Integrations → Authentication token.
  • Add your Highrise URL and API token to continue.

    Under Step 1 Select Contacts select groups to be imported → Next.

    Select Groups to be imported.

    Under Step 2 Map fields map your Highrise Fields to the fields in your OnePageCRM account → click Next.
  • Custom Fields from Highrise are mapped with Custom Fields in OnePageCRM.
  • Single text line Custom Fields with the same name are mapped automatically.
  • Custom Fields with a different name and type need to be mapped manually.
  • Map your Highrise Fields to the fields in your OnePageCRM account.

    Under 3 Preferences select Status, Tags, and Next Actions for all imported contacts as required → click Next.

    Select Highrise import preferences.

    Under Step 4 Import confirm the details of the Highrise import → click Start import.

    Once the import is successful you will receive an email confirmation to notify you that the Highrise import is ready.

    Start import button


    • OnePageCRM allows you to import both companies and people from Highrise. In Highrise when a person is created with a company name, a company is created automatically as a separate entity. 
    • If Highrise contacts have assigned tasks already then the Next Action you set under Step 3 Preferences will only be assigned to contacts in Highrise without a task associated with them. 
    • Contacts are not imported when:
      • Contacts have no Last name or Organization (Company) name.
      • Contact/deal/task is private and not visible to you.
      • Contacts have already been imported in the past.
    • The user who completed an import can undo it within 24 hours. To undo go to your User/Profile icon → Import and Export scroll down to Import / Export history section and click Undo import.
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