Importing contacts from Highrise

Using our direct Highrise import tool, you can transfer your contacts from Highrise CRM into your OnePageCRM account in a few simple steps. 

Go to your User Profile (top right)     Import and Export.

Under DIRECT IMPORT  click  Highrise.

Under 1 UPLOAD → enter your Highrise URL  (To get this go to Highrise and copy the first section of the Highrise URL from your browser address bar) and  API token. (To get this, log into Highrise → Accounts & settings (Settings for Highrise sub-user) → My info → Integrations → Authentication token).

Under 2 SELECT CONTACTS select groups to be imported →  Next.

Select contacts in HR import

  • Custom fields from Highrise are mapped with custom fields in OnePageCRM
  • Single text line custom fields with the same name are mapped automatically 
  • Custom fields with a different name and type need to be mapped manually.

Map fields in the HR import.

Under 4 PREFERENCES  set status, tags, and Next Action for all imported contacts as required →  Next.

HR import preferences.

Confirm details of the import →  Start Highrise Import.

Start import from HR.

Once the import is successful you will receive an email to confirm that your Highrise import is ready.


  • OnePageCRM allows you to import both companies and people from Highrise. In Highrise when a person is created with a company name, a company is created automatically as a separate entity. 
  • If Highrise contacts have assigned tasks already then the Next Action you set under Preferences above will only be assigned to contacts in Highrise without a task associated with them. 
  • Contacts are not imported when:
    • Contacts have no Last name or Organization (Company) name.
    • Contact/deal/task is private and not visible to you.
    • Contacts have already been imported in the past.
  • The user who completed an import can undo it within 24 hours. To undo go to your User profile → Import and Export → scroll down to Import / Export history section and click Undo import.

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