How much Storage do I have?

Your total available file storage depends on your plan: 

  • Legacy: 2GB/user
  • Professional: 10GB/user
  • Business: 20GB/user

This is automatically assigned to your profile once you're added to an OnePageCRM account. Your storage allowance for the full account will be the limit noted above multiplied by the number of users in your account. For example, if you have 4 users on the Professional plan, your storage allowance for the full account will be 40 GB. If you have 10 users on the Business plan, you'll have 200 GB in total, and so on.

Our Advice

We would recommend that if you're storing lots of attachments on the CRM, rather than store them directly, use our integrations with Dropbox or Google Drive. They're connected with the notes section in OnePageCRM and there's a quick link to the file but you're not actually storing the file in OnePageCRM, you're storing it on Google Drive or Dropbox, thus it doesn't eat into your storage allowance.

If you're sending attachments via email, if it's general information like a company brochure, we'd suggest sending them to a link to this information on your website rather than attaching the file. The added benefit here is that when they are on your site, they may discover other products or services you have to offer and be tempted to buy.

  • If you reach your storage limit, please email
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