How to Split a contact from an organization

If a contact is no longer working in an organization, you have the option to split them from it. When you split a contact you're essentially moving them out of the organization. You can move the contact to a new or existing organization or keep the contact independent from any company. 

How to split a contact from an organization

Open the contact you wish to split → open the Account view icon.

In the Account view pop up, select the  Options button  → click Split.

In the  Split contact from this organization pop-up type name of the new organization to which the contact belongs or leave blank if contact is not working in any organization → Save.
Note: If you type the name of an organization that doesn't exist in the CRM, this organization will be created as new. If you type the name of an already existing organization, the contact will be moved under it. 
  • You can only split one contact at a time.
  • The contact must have an organization name in order to split it from its organization.
  • When you split a contact from one organization into a new or existing one, the contact and its fields don't change, however, any organization fields will be inherited from the new company.

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