Notifications in the OnePageCRM iOS Mobile App

The Notification area in the OnePageCRM iOS App allows you to find updates about activities that have been assigned to you from another team member or where you have been notified in Notes and Calls.

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Types of updates in the Notifications Area
How to access the Notifications Area

Types of updates in the Notifications area

  • Next Actions: When a Next Action has been assigned to you by another team member for one or more contacts.
  • Contacts: When contacts have been assigned to you by a team member either via a bulk update, import or web forms like Wufoo, Mailchimp forms or Unbounce.
  • Notes and Calls: When another team member notifies you in a Note or Call. 

How to access the Notifications Area

Open the OnePageCRM mobile App → select Notifications ( bell icon). 
Note: If you have a new update available, you'll see the number of new notifications in the red badge on the bell icon. 

Click Clear All to delete all notifications.
Click Read All to dismiss all notifications.

  • The red notification badge will disappear when you view the notification area.
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