How to use "Waiting for" in your Next Actions

When the ball is on your client's court and you're waiting for them to get back to you about a deal, you can set a Next Action as Waiting for. You then have the option to find all contacts you're waiting to hear back from in the Waiting for filter.

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How to set a Next Action to Waiting for How to use the Waiting for filter

How to set a Next Action as Waiting for

Open contact → type Next Action text → click on the date flag → in the Date Picker select Waiting for → click Save.

The Action is now set as a Waiting for.


Contacts with a Next Action set to Waiting are included in your Action Stream.

How to use the Waiting for filter

Click on the Waiting for filter on the left-hand side menu under My Action Stream.
Contacts are displayed in reverse chronological order starting with the shortest stale indicator e.g 0 Days and ending with the longest stale indicator.

  • Waiting for can only be added to a Next Action. Queued or following actions cannot be set as such.
  • The stale indicator refers to the period from the time stamp the contact was assigned the Waiting for up to now. This indicator ranges from 0 Days to 6 days, 1 Week (Wk) to 4 Weeks (Wks), and when the waiting time exceeds 30 days it displays that the action is waiting over a month.
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