Mailchimp Email Campaigns

The Mailchimp integration allows you to easily create segments to your Mailchimp Audience and track the progress of your sent campaigns directly from OnePageCRM. 

In this article:
How to set up Mailchimp segments and send newsletters
How to monitor Recent Email campaigns

How to set up Mailchimp segments and send newsletters

Go to your User Profile / Initials (in the top right hand corner) → Select  Apps and Integrations 

Click on Mailchimp under Communication Apps.   
Select the  Segments tab → + Add segment → Enter Segment name → select contacts from the drop down → Send to Mailchimp.

To create a campaign, select Create a campaign for this segment, this will bring you to Mailchimp to create your email campaign. 

How to monitor Recent Campaigns

Select the  Recent campaigns tab to view campaign statistics.  
The Recent campaigns report will show the following:
  • Campaign name.
  • Date the campaign was sent.
  • Number of contacts it was sent to.
  • Number of campaigns delivered.
  • Open rate.
  • Click rate.
Click on View in Mailchimp to view your full campaign report in Mailchimp.

  • You can view email campaign reports for campaigns sent to the Mailchimp Audience connected to OnePageCRM only. See here how to connect your Mailchimp Audience.

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