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You can connect a MailChimp form to OnePageCRM using the MailChimp Form integration. Contacts are automatically assigned a Next Action, lead source, contact owner, status and tags. Plus every time a new lead is submitted the contact owner is notified by email. 

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Add, edit & delete a MailChimp form Pin to the Apps menu

How to install MailChimp forms

Go to  Apps →  Integrations → click on  MailChimp Forms.
Click on the Install button to enable this integration.

How to create a MailChimp form

Login to your MailChimp account and go to Audience.
Choose the audience from which you want to generate the form → select the  Signup forms drop-down option.
Choose one of the four signup form options: Form builder, Embedded forms, Subscriber Pop-upForm integrations by clicking Select.
After selecting a signup form, go to Add a field tab and select a field type to add an extra field to the form and save.

In the field settings tab, set your preference by entering field label and field tag, set field visibility. The field tag name in MailChimp form must exactly match the standard contact field name in OnePageCRM as shown in the Mapping Tips section →  save.

    • Standard MailChimp form fields such as: "first name (fname)", "last name (lname)", "email", "phone", "website", "address", "country", "state" or "province", "zip" are automatically matched to the same name OnePageCRM contact fields.
    • If "name" MailChimp form field exists the first word will be mapped as first name and any words after this are considered as last name.
      • If the MailChimp form contains "last name" and "name" fields, first name is taken from the "name" field and the last name is taken from the "last name" field.
      • If the MailChimp form contains "first name" and "name" fields, first name is taken from the " first name" field and the last name is taken from the "name" field.
    • If you add a Text field and label it Company, Organisation or "Organization" in MailChimp, we will map that field to OnePageCRM's Organization field.
    • If you add a multi-line text field and label it "Background" in MailChimp, we will map that field to OnePageCRM's Background field.
    • If MailChimp form field tag and type in MailChimp has the same name and type as a Custom field in OnePageCRM, we will map them. For example Coupon (Single line) - MailChimp to Coupon (Single line) - OnePageCRM etc.
    • All other form fields that are matched to a non-existing OnePageCRM field are stored as a Note under the contact's timeline.

Connect a MailChimp form to OnePageCRM

Return to OnePageCRM's MailChimp Forms Configuration  →  Connect MailChimp Form to OnePageCRM → Copy  Callback URL.
Open your audience in MailChimp.
Go to  Settings → Click  Webhooks → Click  Create New Webhook.
Paste the copied URL from above into the Callback URL field → leave send updates preferences as set by default  → Save.

Return to OnePageCRM's MailChimp Forms Configuration →  Configure the data capture in OnePageCRM.
Enter   MailChimp Audience ID . Note:   To get the Audience ID in MailChimp: Go to Audience → Select your audience → Settings → Audience name and defaults.
Complete the remaining fields  click  Save to submit your settings .

In OnePageCRM under configure the data capture in OnePageCRM, click  Add another MailChimp form and follow the configuration steps above.

To edit a MailChimp form click on the pencil icon in the top bar of the existing landing page, update the settings and click  Save.

To delete a MailChimp form click on the bin icon in the top bar and click OK in the warning message.

How to pin MailChimp Forms to the Apps menu

To pin the MailChimp Forms integration to the Apps menu, select the check-box: Pin to the Apps menu. 

  • By default, First Name, Last Name and Email address are visible fields in the automatically generated form. The rest of the fields are hidden.
  • When adding an extra field to the form, ensure that the field visibility is set to hidden if you do not want your leads to see private information.
  • Every time a new Callback URL is generated or integration re-installed in OnePageCRM, the URL has to be changed over in MailChimp. Go to your audience > Settings > Click Webhooks > Change Callback URL.
  • MailChimp integration can be enabled and configured by Account Owner or Administrator user.
  • MailChimp offers a Free Plan including 12,000 emails per month for up to 2,000 subscribers.

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