MailChimp is a mass email marketing and automation tool. Integrate your MailChimp and OnePageCRM accounts, to create and keep contacts up to date. The MailChimp integration also allows you to easily create segments and track your campaigns.

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Install the Mailchimp integration Create an audience in MailChimp and sync
Set up segments and send newsletters Pin to the Apps menu

How to install the MailChimp integration

Go to your User Profile / Initials (in the top right hand corner) → Select  Apps and Integrations 
    Click on MailChimp under Communication Apps 
    Click on the Install button
    On the Configuration tab enter your MailChimp API Key → click  Connect.  Note: To get your API key go to MailChimp → Account → Extras → API keys.

    How to create an Audience in MailChimp and sync to OnePageCRM

    To create a list go to MailChimp → Audience →  Create Audience  e.g. OnePageCRM contacts.
    Once you've created your list go back to OnePageCRM → MailChimp, under the  Configuration tab →  Select your MailChimp Audience e.g. OnePageCRM Contacts.
    Next select the fields to be synced with MailChimp.
    Configure sync by setting your preferences.
    • Select contacts to be pushed to MailChimp: All contacts or contacts matching a specific filter criteria. 
    • Set a suitable time to push contacts to MailChimp.
    • Select the check box if you want to Automatically push new contacts at the sync time every day.
    • If you delete contacts from OnePageCRM OR contacts no longer match the selected filter criteria, you have a choice to delete these contacts from MailChimp or keep them. To set this up select an option from the Contacts deleted from OnePageCRM dropdown 'will be deleted' or 'will not be deleted' in MailChimp at the daily sync.
    • By selecting the Tag contacts rejected by MailChimp during the sync process check-box, the contacts not synced with MailChimp will be tagged e.g. "MC Incomplete data", "MC Invalid email", "MC Duplicate", "MC Cleaned, "MC Unsubscribed" or "MC System error". Learn more about MailChimp sync errors here
    Save & Sync to finish configuring the MailChimp integration.
    You've now successfully synced your contacts to your MailChimp Audience.

    How to set up segments and send newsletters

    Select the  Segments tab → + Add segment → Enter Segment name → select contacts from the drop down   → Send to MailChimp.
    To create a campaign, select Create a campaign for this segment, this will bring you to MailChimp to create your email campaign. 

    How to pin MailChimp to the Apps menu

    To pin the MailChimp integration to the Apps menu, select the check-box Pin to the Apps menu.  

    • Please note that during the sync process with MailChimp the following rules are applied:
      • Only contacts with an email address are pushed to MailChimp (Mailchimp will not accept contacts without email addresses).
      • If you edit a contacts details, these updated details will be pushed at the set sync time. 
      • All Address fields (Address, City, State, Zip, Countrymust be completed in order for the Address to be pushed over to MailChimp. If only some of the Address fields are complete, then no Address information will be pushed to MailChimp. 
      • Filters: If you've selected to push contacts within a filter, if you delete contacts from OnePageCRM or change the filter conditions, then these contacts will be deleted from MailChimp at the sync time.
    • The MailChimp integration can only be enabled and configured by the Account Owner or Administrator.
    • Multiple choice custom fields are not supported by MailChimp.
    • The Status tab will display any errors in the sync. For full details on common sync errors click here
    • MailChimp offers a Free Plan which allows you to including 12,000 emails per month for up to 2,000 subscribers.

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