Xero is a cloud based accounting software designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

By installing Xero integration, you can create billing contacts and draft invoices in Xero. Xero invoices sent from OnePageCRM are associated with a deal and can be accessed from there.

To enable and configure Xero integration follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Apps > Integrations (see A).
  2. Click on the Xero icon under the Financial Apps category (see B).
  3. On the Xero page, click on the Install button to enable this integration (see C).
  4. Create a Xero account in Step 1 of the Configuration tab if you don't have one already.
  5. Click Connect to Xero in Step 2 (see D).
  6. Login to your Xero account and click Authorise to allow OnePageCRM to access Xero (see E).

  7. In OnePageCRM open a contact with a pending or won deal and click on the Xero logo to create a draft invoice.
  8.  Create draft invoice in Xero pop-up is displayed with pre-populated but editable deal info (see F):
    • Contact name: Organization name by default, First & Last name if organization is not present
    • Date created: Today's date by default
    • Due date: 30 days after Date created by default
    • Xero reference: Own reference number (Optional)
    • Description: Deal name
    • Amount: Deal amount.

    To create a Xero invoice click Send to Xero (see G).

  9. To access the newly created invoice in Xero, click on the Xero link in Associated notes. (see H).

How to pin Xero to the Apps menu

To pin the Xero integration to the Apps menu (see I), select the check-box: Pin this application to the Apps menu (see J).

  • In the Create a draft invoice in Xero pop-up, you can search for an existing billing contact in Xero to associate an invoice with that contact. Enter an existing Xero contact in the Contact name and select an option from the drop-down. If no matching contact is found, a new billing contact will be created in Xero.
  • When creating a new billing contact in XeroOnePageCRM pushes the following contact details: First & Last name, Organization, Work phone & Address.
  • Xero integration can be installed and configured by Account Owner or Administrator.

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