Xero is a cloud-based accounting software designed for small and medium-sized businesses. You can create billing contacts and draft invoices by installing Xero integration. 

In this article:
How to install the Xero integration
How to create an invoice with Xero

How to install the Xero integration

Go to your User Profile / Initials (in the top right hand corner) → Select  Apps and Integrations 
Click on Xero under Financial Apps.   
On the Xero page  → click  Install. 
Create a Xero account in Step 1 of the Configuration tab if you don't have one already.
Click Connect to Xero in Step 2.
Login to your Xero account and click Allow access to allow OnePageCRM to access Xero.
You've now successfully integrated Xero with OnePageCRM.

How to create an invoice with Xero

In OnePageCRM open a contact with a pending or won deal and click on the Xero logo to create a draft invoice.
Create draft invoice in Xero pop-up is displayed with pre-populated information. You can edit this information. 
Note: Organization name is shown by default in Contact name, if no organization is present, First & Last name will be displayed instead. 
  • Date created defaults to Today's date.
  • Due date defaults to 30 days after Date created.
  • Xero reference, own reference number (Optional).
  • Description includes Deal name.
  • Amount defaults to Deal amount.
    To create a Xero invoice click Send to Xero.
The invoice has now been created in Xero. To access the invoice, click on the Xero link under Activity Timeline.
  • In the Create a draft invoice in Xero pop-up, you can search for an existing billing contact in Xero to associate an invoice with that contact. Enter an existing Xero contact in the Contact name and select an option from the drop-down. If no matching contact is found, a new billing contact will be created in Xero.
  • When creating a new billing contact in XeroOnePageCRM pushes the following contact details: First & Last name, Organization, Work phone & Address.
  • Xero integration can be installed and configured by the Account Owner or Administrator only.

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