How to use Quick Quotes to send email based quotes

Quick Quotes allows you to build a deal, create and email sales quotes with your product or service details, description, quantity and price in lightning time.

How Quick Quotes works

How to set up Quick Quotes

  • Connect your primary email client
  • Create Deal Items
  • Edit a Quote Block
  • Send a quote via email

Connect your primary email client


    To set up your primary email client, click  here. If you've your email client already configured, skip to step 2

Note: If you're a Gmail user, you can Connect up your Gmail account to create email templates (including selecting your Quote Block as a variable), send emails in bulk and add your signature. If you select Other - you can set up one template and include your Quote Block as a variable for sending Quick Quotes only.

Create Deal Items 

You can create Deal Items in 2 ways: 
  • Open a contact → Add Deal (or edit a pending deal) → click the Deal Items check box → Search or if No deal item found → Select from Deal items.
  • Click on the gear icon → Settings Custom Fields → Deal Fields → Edit Deal Items

In Deal Items - click on  Edit Deal Items → edit existing deal items or create new ones → Save  

To edit a Quote Block 

 Open  Apps  →  All integrations  click Quick Quotes.
In Quick Quotes, select  Quote Block   add your variables using the Insert line item variables and total line variables dropdown  →  Save.  Note: You can add deal custom fields in the Totals line. 

Quick tip: If you'd like to bold the amount or any other fields, highlight the text and click CTRL & B.

Select your default email template under QUOTE BLOCK USAGE section.      

To send a quote via email

Open a pending deal  → select EMAIL QUOTE  
Once you're happy with all the email details  Send.
A copy of your email quote is stored in your Activity Timeline of the contact for future reference. 
      • Quick Quotes is pre-installed for all users. However, only the account owner or administrator can edit Quick Quotes.
      • Quick Quotes is not available for bulk email. 
      • If you have more than 1 email for your contact, you can chose which email address to send your quote to if you have your Gmail account connected.

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