How to use Quick Quotes to send email based quotes

Quick Quotes allows you to build a deal, create and email sales quotes with your product or service details, description, quantity and price in lightning time.

In this article:
How to connect your email client How to create Deal Items
How to edit a Quote Block How to send a quote via email

How to connect your primary email client

To set up your primary email client, click here. If you've your email client already configured, skip to step 2.

Note: If you're a Gmail or Outlook /Office 365 user, you can connect up your account to create email templates (including selecting your Quote Block as a variable), send emails in bulk and add your signature. If you select Other - you can set up one template and include your Quote Block as a variable for sending Quick Quotes only.

How to create Deal Items 

You can create Deal Items in 2 ways: 
  • Open a contact → Add Deal (or edit a pending deal) → click the Deal Items check box → Search or if No deal item found → Select from Deal items.
  • Click on the gear icon → Settings Custom Fields → Deal Fields → Edit Deal Items

In Deal Items - click on  Edit Deal Items → edit existing deal items or create new ones → Save  

How to edit a Quote Block 

Go to your User Profile / Initials (in the top right hand corner) → Select  Apps and Integrations 

Click on Quick Quotes under Financial Apps.   
In Quick Quotes, select Quote Block   add your variables using the Insert line item variables and total line variables drop-down  →  Save. 
Note: You can add deal custom fields in the Totals line. 

Quick tips: You can bold the amount or any other fields, highlight the text and click CTRL & B. 

You can also change the background color of your Quote block. Select color in  Use a background color

Select your default email template under QUOTE BLOCK USAGE section.      

How to send a quote via email

Open a pending deal  → select EMAIL QUOTE  

Once you're happy with all the email details  Send.

A copy of your email quote is stored in your Activity Timeline of the contact for future reference. 

If you're on the Professional or Business plan you'll also be able to view all the quotes you've sent in the Email page → select the Quotes filter.

    • Quick Quotes is pre-installed for all users. However, only the account owner or administrator can edit Quick Quotes.
    • Quick Quotes is not available for bulk email. 
    • If you have more than 1 email for your contact, you can choose which email address to send your quote to if you have your Gmail account connected.

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