ActiveCampaign is an email marketing app with built-in marketing automation for small businesses. This integration will enable you to create newsletters from customizable templates and follow up on incoming leads using reporting and analytics tools. 

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Install & connect ActiveCampaign integration Create a list in ActiveCampaign
Import contacts from OnePageCRM Pin to the Apps menu

How to install & connect ActiveCampaign integration

Go to your User Profile / Initials (in the top right-hand corner) → Select  Apps and Integrations 
    Click on Active Campaign under Communication Apps and Install.

In the  Configuration tab →  Connect ActiveCampaign to OnePageCRM, enter your ActiveCampaign Account name and click Save.

How to create a list in ActiveCampaign

Log in to your ActiveCampaign account→ go to Lists → click on  Add New List button . 
Click on MailChimp under Communication Apps 
Complete the Create New List form and click Create List.

How to import contacts from OnePageCRM into Active Campaign

You will be directed to Lists page where you can directly Import contacts or alternatively go to contacts →  import.
In the  Import Contacts page, you can Import from file or  Connect with other services to have new contacts added automatically → select OnePageCRM and click Next.
Click Allow to give OnePageCRM access to ActiveCampaign.
Choose the list you wish to import contacts to and click next.
In the pop-up, enter Sync Name, set your sync configuration and click Next to save your preferences.
The import will commence and once your OnePageCRM contacts are imported and synced, you can start creating campaigns for them in ActiveCampaign.

How to pin ActiveCampaign to the Apps menu

To pin the  ActiveCampaign integration to the Apps menu, select the check-box: Pin to the Apps menu

  • ActiveCampaign integration can be enabled and configured by the Account Owner or Administrator user.
  • Organization name, background, lead source, address, status and tags are sent to ActiveCampaign (Custom fields are not).

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