How to interpret MailChimp sync errors

When the Mailchimp integration is installed, some contact email addresses may not be synced. The status of the Mailchimp integration can be checked under the Status tab in OnePageCRM. 

How to check the Status of your Mailchimp Integration

Go to your User Profile / Initials (in the top right-hand corner) → Select  Apps and Integrations 

Click on Mailchimp under Communication Apps.   
Go to the Status tab.
The following sync statuses can appear under this tab:
  • Queued: The daily sync is queued to be synced.
  • In progress: The sync is in progress.
  • All ok: If sync is in between syncs.
  • Error: Displays if the sync cannot be done.
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    In the case of an error, OnePageCRM automatically applies one of the following tags to the contacts who are affected:
  • MC Invalid email: Email address of the contact is not correct. It may contain special characters like ‘ , ; space etc. It also includes all well-known temporary email services like or
  • MC Incomplete data: If a field is marked as "Required" in Mailchimp and this field is blank in OnePageCRM - this contact will not be pushed. For example, if the Company is a required field in Mailchimp, but the organization field in OnePageCRM is blank, then the contact will not be pushed.
  • MC Duplicate: At least two contacts pushed to Mailchimp have the same email address.
  • MC Cleaned: Some email addresses are automatically "cleaned" by Mailchimp. A "cleaned" contact is referred to as a non-deliverable email address. Hard bounces, as well as repeated soft bounces, become cleaned addresses - see Mailchimp's help article. Cleaned contacts are ignored when are included in a campaign audience. 
  • MC Unsubscribed: Contact manually unsubscribed in Mailchimp or via Unsubscribe link from the campaign email.
  • MC Sync error: Any other sync errors other than the above. For example; The domain of an email address of the contacts cannot be verified at the time of sync etc.
  • MC Not Subscribed: The contact has not opted in to receive email marketing campaigns, from your brand.
  • Notes:
    • If there is an error detected at the sync time, the logs will display the problem email address and the error which is associated with it.
    • The sync errors listed above will only appear to a contact who is actively subscribed to your Mailchimp email audience. Otherwise, they will be assigned the "MC Unsubscribed" tag in OnePageCRM.

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