How to add a Cc or Bcc email address when sending a bulk email

In OnePageCRM you have the option to Cc or Bcc other contacts when you send emails in bulk.

Select all contacts that you want to email using the  bulk selector or individual contacts by selecting the checkbox beside their name.
Note: You can also select contacts from any of the filters to the left of your Action Stream including: tags, status, lead source, or filters.
Under Message select Send email...
In Step 1: Create master email  and preview, type your email message or choose a template.

Select Preview to view emails.

In Step 2: Preview emails with option to tweak, select Edit individually.
Click Cc/Bcc .

Insert the email address or type the name of a contact that already exists in OnePageCRM that you want to Cc or Bcc in each corresponding field → Send All.
Note: Scroll through all emails using the left and right toggles to edit the other emails.


  • Emails sent in bulk are received as an individual email to each contact and not as a bulk email.
  • You cannot Cc or Bcc for all contacts in the bulk email. You can only Cc or Bcc for individual contacts you're bulk emailing.
  • You can Cc/Bcc as many emails as you require.
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