How to merge duplicate contacts?

To manually merge duplicate contacts in batches of three, just follow the guidelines below:

  1. Select the contacts (see A) you wish to merge in your Action Stream or Contact list.
  2. In the Bulk Updates menu, click on the More > Merge Duplicates option (see B).
  3. Make any edits to the suggested solution displayed in the right hand side. (Optional)
  4. Click Save to accept the contact merge.
  • A maximum of three contacts can be merged at one time.
  • When two or three contacts are merged:
    • Single value contact details like First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Organization, Address (City, State, Zip, Country), Status, Lead source, Owner and some Custom Fields are taken from the newest contact entered.
    • Multiple value contact details like Phone, Email, WebTags, Background and some Custom Fields are pulled from all merged contacts.
  • The Next Action of the last entered contact is displayed as the Next Action for the merged contact and the other duplicate contacts’ Next Actions and Queued Actions are listed as Queued Actions.
  • All Activity logs for Deals, Notes, Emails of the duplicate contacts will be consolidated under the merged contact.

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