How to manually merge duplicate contacts

To help you keep your OnePageCRM database clean you have the option to merge duplicate contacts manually. You can also search for duplicate contacts and merge them in bulk, see here for more info on this.

Select the contacts you wish to merge by ticking the contact checkbox. 
In the  Bulk updates bar, click More  â†’ under More, select Merge duplicates.

Make any edits to the contact if required.

  • Bulk merging is a powerful feature and cannot be "undone". Please be sure to check that your list is correct before running. Note: If you have a high number of duplicates, we recommend export your database and check it based on first name, last name & email address prior to merging the duplicates.
  • When two or three contacts are merged:
    • Single value contact details such as First Name, Last Name, Job Title, Organization, Address (City, State, Zip, Country), Status, Lead source, Owner and Custom Fields (Except for checkbox) will be copied from the most recently-created contact. We're assuming that the most recent contact details are the most up-to-date.
    • Multiple value contact details such as Phone, Email, URLTags, Background, and Custom fields (checkbox) will be copied to the merged contact. For example, if two duplicate contacts have two different phone numbers, both numbers will be copied to the new, single merged contact.
  • The Next Action of the last entered contact is displayed as the Next Action for the merged contact and the other duplicate contacts’ Next Actions and Queued Actions are listed as follow up Actions
  • Merging may cause Next Action conflicts. This can occur if the Next Actions of one contact clashes with the other contacts' existing Next Action. See here for more info.
  • All Activity logs for Deals, Notes, Emails of the duplicate contacts will be consolidated under the merged contact.
  • If you merge a starred contact with a non-starred contact, the resulting contact will be starred

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