How to handle Next Action conflicts

There will be times when Next Action conflicts may occur for your contacts, so OnePageCRM will recognize these and allow you to edit the Next Actions to resolve the conflicts. 

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When does a Next Action conflict occur?
How to resolve Next Action conflict

When does a Next Action conflict occur?

Next Action conflicts arise when a contact contains a Next Action and an action due on the same date. This can occur due to a number of reasons:

  1. Changing of contact ownership: When ownership of a contact is changed, the Next Action of the contact assigned to the old owner is automatically changed to the new owner. This can result in the new owner having duplicate Next Actions with a contact: the existing Next Action and the re-assigned Action.
  2. Removal of a user: When a user is removed from the system, a similar conflict to the Changing of contact ownership scenario appears.
  3. Contact details submitted through online forms such as Mailchimp Forms and Wufoo: If an existing contact is submitted through an online form, the default Next Action from this submission can clash with the existing Next Action for this contact.
  4. Merging of duplicate contacts: If two or three contacts are merged, the Next Action of the last added contact may clash with the other contact's existing Next Action.

How to resolve Next Action conflict

Whenever there’s a Next Action conflict, the contact will display a yellow warning triangle icon informing you of the Next Action that has been turned into an Action with a date. When you have a Next Action conflict you can complete the following processes:

  • To swap the Next Action with another, hover over the action you want to promote → click SWAP.
  • To change the date of the converted action, click on the pencil icon

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