Aircall is a cloud-based phone system for sales and support teams. By connecting Aircall to OnePageCRM, you will be able to see the call history for your CRM contacts, make calls directly from OnePageCRM, and see CRM data in Aircall Insight Cards.

Please note:

  • You need an Aircall account to connect it to OnePageCRM.
  • Download and install the desktop client to make calls via Aircall
  • Only Account Owner or Administrators can configure and manage the integration.

Connect your Aircall account

Go to your User/Profile icon (in the top right hand corner) → select Apps and Integrations → under Communication Apps select Aircall → click Install.

Apps and Integration page, click on Aircall.

Under Configuration click on Connect to Aircall → log into your Aircall Account.

Connect to Aircall

Click on Authorize to connect OnePageCRM with Aircall.

Authorize connection between Aircall and OnePageCRM.

Select existing phone numbers from your Aircall account to make calls to your contacts.

Note: Ensure to complete this step as it is essential for displaying Insight Cards in the Aricall Desktop and Mobile App.

+ Add numbers from your Aircall account to make calls from.

Once connected you can choose your Default Country Code, for phone numbers saved in the CRM without one.

Select the default country code.

To disconnect from Aircall click on Disconnect → log into your Aircall Account.

Aircall integration configuration page, click on Disconnect.


  • The Default Country Code can be set by each user separately.
  • The integration also recognizes if the contact you are calling has the country saved in the address field and adds the corresponding country code for you.

    An example for contacts without international format (+353 XXX XX XXXX): You generally do business in Ireland and have the Default Country Code set to it but wish to call a number in Germany (without the country code +49). If this contact has the country field in their address set to Germany, the German country code (+49) will be added to the phone number automatically, allowing you to make a call without extra edits.

Make calls using Aircall

Before making calls, you need to download and install the desktop client.

Login to your Aircall account desktop version.
In OnePageCRM open a contact. There are 2 options to initiate a call to your contact using Aircall:
  • Click on the phone number or phone number dropdown to make a call using Aircall.

Click on phone number or phone number dropdown while viewing a contact.

  • Select + Call to open a Call Note → click on Call to initiate a call using Aircall.

Note: If there are multiple numbers saved for this contact, you can choose between them, by clicking on the drop-down menu.

While viewing a contact click on

Insight Cards

If the phone number from an incoming call is already saved with a contact in the CRM, the Insight Card gives you an overview of the contact information saved in OnePageCRM.

You can access these contact details during a call, by clicking on Caller Insights at the bottom of the screen.

Click on Add contact if the contact does not already exist. To view the Caller insights click on the tab at the bottom.

The Insight Card include the following contact details if available:

  • OnePageCRM - This URL link opens OnePageCRM.
  • Contact Full Name - This URL link will open the Contact Page in OnePageCRM.
  • Organization Name
  • Contact Status Label
  • Pending deals total
  • Aircall Desktop version, caller Insights displaying Contact Details (Name, Organization, Status, Pending total).


    • The Insight Cards in Aircall display contact-specific data for incoming or outgoing calls.

    Aircall Widget

    The Aircall widget provides users with a convenient and efficient way to review the contact's call history. This feature allows users to easily retrieve valuable information about previous calls, enabling them to stay informed and organized.

    The Aircall widget feature is contact-specific and can fetch the data for the top 2 phone numbers saved for the contact.

    Open a contactscroll down to the Aircall widget above the Contact Timeline → click on it to expand.

    Click on the Aircall widget to expand it.

    Once expanded it will display:
  • Date - date and time of the call
  • Call type - Inbound, Outbound or Missed Call (Voicemail if left) and a phone number used
  • Duration - call duration
  • Expanded Aircall widget, displays Date, Call type and Duration of recent calls via Aircall.

    Note: The Aircall widget shows contact-specific data for up to 2 phone numbers saved for the contact.

    Contact profile, phone numbers.


    • The most recent 20 call events are displayed by default. Click on the Show More button to load another 20.
    • If the call recording and/or voicemail is activated in your Aircall Settings, clicking on a link in the Widget will navigate to it in the Aircall Dashboard.
    • Contact call history in the widget is visible to all users.
    • Calls made to the organization's phone number are not included.

    Workaround: If you want to track calls made to the organization's phone number, as you might be calling their Helpdesk or main office number, add a contact (i.e. Acme Inc. Office) to the CRM with the organization's phone number saved as this contact's (Acme Inc. Office) phone number. The call history will be now displayed in the Aircall widget.

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