How to configure Click to Call

Calling your contacts is an integral part of your sales process. To help you save time and reduce clicks when dialing, you can now set up Click to Call. Once Click to Call is configured you will be able to click on any phone number in OnePageCRM and have it trigger a call via your chosen call / VOIP provider.

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How to configure Click to Call How to make a call with Click to Call

How to configure Click to Call

Go to your  User Profile/ Initials (top right) →  Apps & Integrations.
Click Call under Communication Apps.
Under Configuration  s elect your preferred call handler from the drop-down.
You have the option to choose one of the following: 
  • "tel:" handler 
  • "callto:" handler
  • Skype handler - You must have the international dialing code (country code) before your contact's phone number: e.g. +123 123 1234 (US) or +44 20 12345678 (UK). It also works if the contact has a Skype ID - e.g. Jill2010.
  • Facetime handler
  • "sip:" handler
  • Custom - Here you'll need to insert your call service provider protocol syntax. To get this please contact your call service provider. 

How to make a call with Click to Call

Click your contact's  phone number. The Add Call option will open automatically  → click the  phone icon beside the contact phone number.

 Edit phone number if required → click the  phone icon in the grey box to make the call. 

Your default call app will open to complete the call.
  • The browser and operating system settings can dictate the app that will be launched once you click on a phone number. For example, Google Chrome will launch Skype, while Mozilla Firefox will offer you a choice of the recognized calling apps installed on your operating system.
  • It's not possible to call from the Whatsapp web, however you can configure the Click to Call integration to text your contacts using Whatsapp. To do this, select Custom as your preferred call handler and insert the following protocol syntax for Whatsapp text:[number].

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