Quote Roller

NOTE: This integration only works with pre-existing Quote Roller accounts. It is not designed to work with new Quote Roller (Powered by PandaDoc) accounts.

Quote Roller helps you to quickly create professional business proposals using sector-specific templates in an user friendly content editor. 

By installing this integration you can create proposals from the deals of your OnePageCRM contacts using Quote Roller. Also a copy of the sent proposals are shown in the contacts' timeline in OnePageCRM. To start using  Quote Roller integration follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Apps → Apps and Integrations (see A).
    Note: Apps and Integrations is under Your User Profile Apps and Integrations.
  2. Click on the Quote Roller icon under the Financial apps category (see B).
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  4. On the Quote Roller page, click on the Install to enable the integration. 
  5. Once this integration is installed, you are brought to the Configuration tab.
  6. In Step 1, copy your unique Email Dropbox address by clicking Copy (see C).
  7. In Step 2 paste OnePageCRM dropbox email to Quote Roller:
    • Login into your Quote Roller account.
    • Go to Settings on the top right corner > Profile.
    • Paste the copied address from point 5 in the BCC outgoing emails to the following addresses field.
    • Click Save to apply changes to your profile.

  8. In OnePageCRM open a contact with a pending or won deal and click on the Quote Roller (Q) logo to create a proposal.
  9. In Quote Roller:
    • Start: Select a template.
    • Info: Proposal details are populated from OnePageCRM (deal’s name, organization name, first name, last name, email address).
    • Price: Add services to the proposal.
    • Edit: Make changes to the proposal’s template if needed (Optional)
    • Finalize: If you’re happy with the proposal click on Send the Proposal.
  10. The sent proposal is stored under the contact's Emails timeline in OnePageCRM (see E).
  • When creating a proposal from a won or pending deal, the deal name from OnePageCRM is pushed as the proposal name.
  • When creating a new client in Quote Roller, OnePageCRM pushes the following contact details: Organization nameFirst & Last name, Email (required).
  • Quote Roller integration can be enabled and configured by Account Owner or Administrator user.

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