Why some emails are not stored in OnePageCRM?

If emails aren't logged under your contacts' profile in OnePageCRM, this can be caused by a number of reasons and would depend on how you're storing emails. 

Full (two-way) email sync

If you have connected your Gmail or Outlook account to our Full (two-way) email sync, all emails to/from CRM contacts will be automatically stored in your OnePageCRM account. In case you're missing some emails, here are a few reasons why:

  • Your contact does not exist yet in OnePageCRM.
  • Your existing contact used a different email address which is not in OnePageCRM to reply to you.
  • You just sent/received the email. It may take some time to display the email.
  • You moved, archived, or deleted the email message from your email account.

Email Capture Address

Your OnePageCRM Email Capture Address gives you the option to log your email communication with your customers in OnePageCRM if you're not connected with our Email Send / Email Sync. If you forwarded emails to your Email Capture Address and they are not being displayed under your contacts' profile, please consider the following:

  • If the email address doesn't exist in OnePageCRM but the Email Capture Address has been added in the To or Bcc field, the email will be sent to the Notifications area in OnePageCRM. Select Unassigned emails to see them and create a new contact or assign it to an existing one. 

  • If you have your own email address added as a contact in the CRM, the forwarded emails could be logged under this profile incorrectly. Search for your own email in your OnePageCRM account and reassign the emails to the correct contacts, see here how. Make sure to delete the contact that has your own email address to prevent this issue in the future. 

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