How to upload attachments?

There are two ways to attach files to Notes and Deals for each contact.  

To attach a file to a note, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a contact in OnePageCRM
  2. Click on Add Note (see A).
  3. Click on clip icon (see B). 
  4. In the new window, browse your computer and select the attachment you wish to upload. 
  5. Click on Open (see C).
  6. Insert your note.
  7. Click Save and your note with attachment will be shown in the timeline (see D).

To attach a file to a note, a call or a deal with drag  n'  drop:

  1. Open a contact in OnePageCRM.
  2. Click Add Note section (see D). Note: You can drag n' drop in Add Call and Add Deal area also.
  3. Drag n' drop your selected file into the box (see E).
  4. Your file will be attached to your Note (see F).

  • Maximum attachment size is 10MB and each user can upload up to 1GB of file storage.

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