How to upload attachments?

Attaching files to Notes, Calls and Deals are a great way to keep all related documentation within Contacts and Deals. In OnePageCRM you can attach or drag n' drop a file to Notes and Deals in OnePageCRM. Once the file is uploaded it can be viewed in preview mode preview mode without the need to download the attachment, and it can be renamed within OnePageCRM to help you keep 

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Attach file to a Note, Call or Deal
Attach file to Note, Call or Deal with drag n' drop
Preview attachment in OnePageCRM

How to attach a file to a Note, Call or Deal

    Open a contact in OnePageCRM.
    Click on  Add Note, Add call or Add deal.
    In the box → click on the clip icon → select the attachment you wish to upload.

    Click Save.
    Your Note with the attachment will be shown in the timeline.
    Click on the pencil icon to rename the attachment in OnePageCRM.
    Note: The file name will change in OnePageCRM only, once the attachment is downloaded the original name will be displayed.
    Click on the arrow icon to download the attachment.
    Click on the bin icon to delete the attachment.

How to attach a file to a Note, Call or Deal with drag n' drop

    Open a contact in OnePageCRM.

    Click on  Add Note, Add Call or Add Deal.

    Drag n' drop your selected file into the box.
    Your file will be attached to your Note.
    Click Save.

    Preview attachments in OnePageCRM

    Click on the attachment to open it in preview mode in OnePageCRM.
    Note: You must download the attachment first to make edits to it.

  • Maximum attachment size is 10MB and each user can upload up to 2GB of file storage.
  • The name of the attachment in OnePageCRM can be edited, however once the file downloaded onto a computer the original name will be restored. 
  • Preview mode doesn't allow you to make edits to the file attached. The attachment must be downloaded first if editing is required. 

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