Outlook Contact Clipper

The Outlook Contact Clipper is an add-in that enables you to capture leads directly from your Outlook emails into OnePageCRM. 

How to install the Outlook Contact Clipper integration

Go to your User Profile / Initials (in the top right-hand corner) → Select  Apps and Integrations.


Under Lead Generation apps, select Outlook Lead Clipper → click Install.

Under the Configuration tab, click Download.
Save a setup.exe file → open it and follow the instructions to install the Add-in.
Open your Outlook desktop email client (Microsoft Outlook 2010 or 2013) to check if the  Add Contact OnePageCRM icon appears in the inbox ribbon.
If Add Contact icon is not present go to File  Options   Add-Ins → select OnePageCRM from Inactive Application Add-Ins list → click Go... under Manage: COM Add-ins. Select check-box to the left of OnePageCRM and click OK.

To create a contact in OnePageCRM, open an email of your choice and click on the  Add Contact icon.
Sign in to your OnePageCRM account when prompted.
Review the pre-populated New Contact form with details pulled from Outlook → edit if needed and click Save.
Once the contact is saved you can assign a Next Action and view it in your Action Stream.
  • Outlook contact details pushed to OnePageCRM include First & Last name, Organization, Job title, Websites, Email addresses, Phone numbers and Notes.
  • A background tool, Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime, is required to install any Office Add-in. If not present already you'll be prompted to install it.
  • System requirements for OnePageCRM Outlook clipper: Microsoft Outlook 2010Microsoft Outlook 2013 or  Microsoft Outlook 2016 on Windows operating system.

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