How OnePageCRM integrates with Outlook

OnePageCRM connects with Outlook in various ways to integrate with Outlook contacts, Outlook / Office 365 Mail and Outlook calendar.

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Create Contacts Connect to Outlook Mail Connect Outlook Calendar

Create Contacts

OnePageCRM has two ways that allow you to add contacts from your Email in Outlook to OnePageCRM.

Outlook Desktop 2010 / 2013 and Outlook 2016

  • Our Outlook Contact Clipper allows you to capture leads directly from emails to OnePageCRM - read more here. and Office 365

  •  Our Chrome Extension allows you to  capture leads directly into OnePageCRM - read more here

Connect to Outlook Mail

Store emails

To store emails in OnePageCRM is using your unique Email Capture address - read more here

Connect to Outlook / Office 365 Mail

Send emails individually and in bulk using templates - read more here

Connect Outlook Calendar

There are two ways you can connect with Outlook calendar:

  • You can manually push Next Actions one by one - read more here.
  • Using your unique calendar URL, push Next Actions automatically - read more here.

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