How to use the Contacts tab

In OnePageCRM you have the option to view all your contacts and organizations in alphabetical order through the Contacts tab. 

In this tab, you also have the option to toggle the Organization button to allow you to view a list of the organizations in your account. You can also segment your contacts/ organizations by each letter to easily find contacts/ organizations you're looking for. 

Go to the Contacts tab. Your contacts will be listed in alphabetical order using the Last Name.
Toggle the Organization button to view the list of Organizations.
Use the alphabet letters on the left-hand side to segment your Contacts and Organization using these.
Click on the email address of any contact to send them an email.
Click on the phone number of the contact → Call → your preferred phone system will open to make the phone call → if Create a note for this call is ticked, you'll have the option to log your call against this contact.