How to configure email privacy for Email Sync?

This is part of the Email Sync features which is currently in Closed Beta.

Email Privacy enables you to exclude certain email addresses and email domains of contacts for which you never want to store emails (e.g. your staff to staff conversations could be recorded if you added your staff as contacts in OnePageCRM). This feature allows you to ensure privacy by adding the email addresses to the list of excluded emails or by individually exclude contacts manually.

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Add email addresses to the List of excluded emails Manually exclude contact's email address

How to add an email address to the List of excluded emails 

Note: To use this feature you must have Email Sync installed. To set up email sync click here.

Go to your User Profile / Initials (in the top right hand corner) → Select  Apps and Integrations Email.

Go to  Email Sync → Privacy.

Under List of excluded emails add the email address of contacts you don’t want to store emails for. Note: You can only add one email address at a time.
Click Add.

How to manually exclude contact's email address from Edit contact form

Open contact → Edit.
Scroll down to the Email Sync field → select Disable sync for this contact to exclude the email address of the contact from the Email Sync.
Click Save.
The Disabled sync icon will display beside the contact's name in contact view, showing that email sync is disabled for their email address. Note: The email address of the contact is automatically added to the List of excluded emails under  Email Sync →  Privacy.
  • Email correspondence containing excluded contact email addresses/domain name will never be captured by OnePageCRM.
  • If an email containing an email address/domain name that is in the excluded list as well as other multiple recipients, the email will not be stored in OnePageCRM for none of the contacts included in the email as recipients even if they are added as contacts within OnePageCRM.
  • The Email Sync field will not appear under Edit contact form if there is no email address associated with this contact.
  • If you manually remove excluded email addresses from the List of excluded emails, the contact containing that email will be automatically enabled for Email sync.
  • From the moment an excluded email address/domain is removed from the List of excluded emails, email correspondence for the associated contacts will be captured in OnePageCRM. For more information on how to remove an email address from excluded list click here.

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