How to set up your sales targets widget

The motivational targets widget is great for helping you to stay focused on the numbers that will grow your business.

The widget consists of 3 target areas:

  • Conversions.
  • Calls.
  • Revenue.

How to enable the targets widget:

  1. Open gear icon > Settings (see A).
  2. Under Preferences (see B), select the check-box Show motivational targets widget (see C). 

How to customize your targets:

  1. Open up your Action Stream, hover your mouse over the widget and click on the gear icon (see D). 

  2. Under the Configure targets widget popup, there are 3 tabs (see E):
    • Conversions.
    • Calls.
    • Revenue.
  3. Select Conversions and enter the number you wish to Convert and the frequency from the drop-down. Also, enter the status change you require to count as a conversion, for example; changing from a Lead to a Prospect (see F).
  4. To make Conversions your primary target, select the check-box Set conversions as default (see G).
  5. Click Save to set this target. 

  • Repeat the above steps for Calls and Revenue targets.
  • Conversions are defined by changing from one Status to another - you can set these requirements as you please.
  • Calls targets can be based on the number of calls per day, week, month, quarter or year.
  • The Revenue value is taken from the Expected total section of your Pipeline page and calculated by month, quarter or year.
  • To minimize the targets widget, hover your mouse over and click on the minimize icon to the right of the gear icon.

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