How to use the Advanced Search

The Advanced search allows you to quickly and easily search which contacts meet the criteria you set at any given time. You can add and mix search criteria using the different custom fields you've already set up in OnePageCRM. Go one step further and save your Advanced search as a Filter for reporting. 

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Use the Advanced search
Save an Advanced search as a Filter

Use the Advanced Search

Click the sliders icon to the right side of the search box to open the  Advanced search  feature.
In the Advanced search pop-up search contacts by a combination of multiple criteria:
Status Organization
Tag Lead Source
Job title Date created
Star Email

if you are on the Business plan and have User Groups, you can filter by User Groups for the Owner criteria.

Database utilities

Last Activity

Next Action date Closed sales cycle date
Assigned to Closing comment text
Next Action text

Expected close date Deal item
Date closed Deal created
Status (Won/Lost/Pending)  Commission 
Deal Owner Cost
Deal name Margin
Deal value (total)

Next Action date Closed sales cycle date
Assigned to Closing comment text
Next Action text
Contact address and Organization address

Address State
Zip Country
Contact Custom fields

Any contact custom field you have setup can be selected here
Click Add another filter  line to combine multiple criteria.
Set whether you want the search to match all criteria or any one of the filter criteria selected in  Where contacts match of the following…
Click Run.

Save an Advanced search as a Filter

In the Advanced search pop up type the name of the filter.
Click Save & Run.
Note: When you save an  Advanced search as a Filter, it will be found under the Filters section in the Action Stream. See here for more information on  Filters.

Finding an exact match

  • Live update of available contacts is shown in the top right corner of the Advanced Search pop-up.
  • If a contact is updated as a part of a Bulk Update, this is not recorded when you run the Last Activity filter.

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