How to 'drag and drop' deal stages in Kanban Pipeline

Your Pipeline gives you a summary of all of the deals in your OnePageCRM account. You can chose the Forecast view or the Kanban view.
Once you have selected the Kanban view in your Pipeline, you can do the following:    
  • 'Drag and drop' a pending deal to the next stage
  • Delete a deal or mark as 'won' or 'lost'

To 'drag and drop' a pending deal to the next stage:

    Select a deal card and simply 'drag and drop' to your preferred deal stage. Note: Manual sorting applies (your deal will remain in the same position as you dropped it unless you click the resort icon).
    Click the resort icon to reorder deals by expected close date or amount. Note: Under Pipeline Values, you have the option to choose from " o n refresh sort by: Expected close date or amount"

To delete or mark a deal as 'WON' or 'LOST':

    Select a deal card and 'drag and drop' into the 'Won' or 'Lost' bar. 
  • Deal amounts and number of deals will update immediately when you move a deal from one deal stage to another.
  • You can also 'drag and drop' attachments into the Notes section. 
  • Manual sorting is applied when you 'drag and drop' a deal card until the page is refreshed. 
  • You must have a deal created in order to view it in the pipeline page

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