How to keep your OnePageCRM account secure?

It's important to have secure practices in place in order to keep your personal data and data of your data subjects secure. Below are some things we recommend to keep your OnePageCRM account secure:

  • Follow Password best practices:
    Always use a strong unique password.
    Change your password every few months
    Don't use the same password on all the sites you visit
    Select strong passwords, with 10 or more characters
    Randomly add capital letters, punctuation or symbols.
    Substitute numbers for letters, e.g. '0' for 'o' or '3' for 'E'
    Never write down your password.
  • Always ensure that you are on the correct site.
  • Turn on two-factor authentication for your user
  • Assign the correct type of user to each person on the team.
    OnePageCRM provides four types of users to ensure appropriate access (Owner, Admin, User and Focused User). For description on how to use these see here.
  • Assign the minimal needed permissions to each user on the team. OnePageCRM provides a number of different levels of permissions that determine the actions allowed to be taken by users/focused users. These include permissions for deleting contacts/deals, owning private contacts, ability to export contacts in bulk and many others.
  • Always be sure to sign out of your account if using a shared computer.
  • Manage your user access regularly and remove users that have left your organization.
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