Email failed to send

If you have connected your Gmail or Outlook / Office 365 account to OnePageCRM and an email fails to send, you will get an email to notify you. The reason an email fails to send may be caused by an authentication error sent by the email client.

What to do if an email fails

The best way to get your account back on track is to disconnect and reconnect your account again.


    Go to your Email page → Select Email Settings.

    Under Configuration, select Disconnect.
    To reconnect your account, select Connect.
    Select your email client provider from the dropdown: Gmail or Outlook365 Next.
    Select the preferred connection type from the dropdown: Full (two-way) email sync or Send and Save manually →  Connect.
    • We recommend that you check the sent items folder in your Email Client to confirm 100% that the email has not sent. If it hasn't, then you should resend it.

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