Where are emails stored in OnePageCRM

If you have connected your Gmail / Outlook 365 email accounts to OnePageCRM for either sending emails or 2 way syncing or if you have used your email capture address to log emails, you can find any emails stored in OnePageCRM under the Contact activity timeline, Activity page, and Email pages. 

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Emails in the Contact activity timeline

When emails are sent from OnePageCRM and are synced to OnePageCRM, they will be stored under the activity timeline of the contacts associated with the email. For example, if you send an email to one contact and Cc other contacts who also exist in your account, these emails will be logged under all contacts' activity timeline. 
Note: If you Bcc another contact, the email will not be stored under the Bcc'd contacts activity timeline.

Emails in the Activity page

The Activity reporting page gives you a summary of all your sales team's activities in your account including all incoming and outgoing emails. Go to the Activity page → select the  Emails tab to view all emails.

Email page

The Email page is the best place to view all emails stored within OnePageCRM. Here you have the option to filter emails by:

When you open an email on the Email page, you'll be able to see the list of all contacts that are included in the To and CC fields of the email. This allows you to see which contact has that email stored in their contact activity timeline. If you see the store email message icon then the email has been stored against the contact. 

If you have contacts with the same email address in OnePageCRM, the system will automatically store the email against the first contact created. However, you have the option to store the email against the other contact too, if required. To do this, click on the store email icon. 

Note: You also have the option to move an email from one contact to another. This will remove the email from the original contact and reassign it to a new contact.

Unassigned Emails

If you forward an email using your Capture email address and the email is not associated with any contact in OnePageCRM, the email will be logged in your Notifications tab (bell icon) under Unassigned Emails.

By clicking on the unassigned emails link you can then chose to assign this email to an existing contact or create a new contact. 

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