Mandatory Custom Fields

Make sure essential information is always populated into your OnePageCRM account by enabling custom fields as Mandatory.

Plans: Mandatory Fields are available on Business plan.


Go to your  User Profile Icon (on the top right-hand corner)Settings →  Custom Fields →  + Add.

Note: You can also make custom fields mandatory for Organization and Deal fields.


In the  New Custom field box → add your custom field details → select Mandatory and chose one of the following from the dropdown list:

  • Not required
  • For web app only
  • For web and mobile app

Hit Save.

In the contact view, your mandatory field will be displayed with an asterisk* showing this field is mandatory and the contact will not save unless you have it populated.

  • Only Administrators and the Account Owner can set custom fields as mandatory.
  • Contact's Last name or Organization are mandatory by default.
  • If you edit a contact and try to save it without populating the mandatory field, the custom field is highlighted with a red error box and you get the message: Please enter all the mandatory fields.

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