Help Scout

Help Scout is a help desk software designed for small businesses to deliver personalized customer support.

By enabling our Help Scout integration, details of your OnePageCRM contacts will be displayed in their Help Scout profile. Also if a Help Scout contact does not exist in OnePageCRM it can be added in one click.

To setup this integration simply follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Apps > Integrations (see A).
  2. Click on the Help Scout logo under the Communications Apps category (see B).
  3. On the Help Scout page, click on the Install button (see C).
  4. Once this integration is Installed you'll be brought to the Configuration tab.
  5. Under the 'Connect Help Scout to OnePageCRM' section, copy URL (see D) and Secret Key (see E) and paste them in Help Scout as shown in step below.
  6. Log in to Help Scout, go to ManageApps > OnePageCRM app > Install App > Settings:
    • Paste OnePageCRM URL and Secret Key into the corresponding fields (see F).
    • Select Mailboxes (see G) to enable the integration for your desired company
    • Click Save (see H).
  7. Return to OnePageCRM to Select information to display in Help Scout section: 
    • Select Deal information (see I) check-box to show all Pending or recently Won/Lost deals from OnePageCRM in Help Scout.
    • Select Custom fields (see J) to be displayed in Help Scout.
    • Click Update (see K) to submit your preferences.

How to pin Help Scout to the Apps menu

To pin the Help Scout integration to the Apps menu (see L), select the check-box: Pin this application to the Apps menu (see M).

  • Help Scout integration can be enabled and configured by Account Owner or Administrator user only.
  • Add new contacts from Help Scout to OnePageCRM by clicking on Add to OnePageCRM link.
  • View existing OnePageCRM contact details such as Next Action, tags, status, pending and recently Won/Lost Deals and custom fields.

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