Help Scout

The Help Scout integration allows you to bring chat, CRM, communication and e-commerce tools into one single platform. By installing Help Scout with your OnePageCRM account, your CRM contacts and their details will be displayed in their Help Scout profile.

In this article:
How to install the Help Scout Integration
How to select the information to be displayed

How to install the Help Scout Integration

Go to your User Profile / Initials (in the top right hand corner) → Select  Apps and Integrations.  
Under Communication Apps select Help Scout → click  Install.
Under the ' Connect Help Scout to OnePageCRM' section, copy URL and Secret Key.
Log in to Help Scout, go to Manage →  Apps →  OnePageCRM app  Install App  Settings.
Paste OnePageCRM URL and Secret Key into the corresponding fields.
Select Mailboxes to enable the integration for your desired company.
Click  Save.

How to select the information to be displayed in Help Scout

Select Deal information check-box to show all Pending or recently Won/Lost deals from OnePageCRM in Help Scout.
Select Custom fields to be displayed in Help Scout.
Click Save to submit your preferences.
  • Help Scout integration can be enabled and configured by the Account Owner or Administrator user only.
  •  If a Help Scout contact does not exist in OnePageCRM it can be added in one click from Help Scout.
  • View existing OnePageCRM contact details such as Next Action, tags, status, pending and recently Won/Lost Deals and custom fields.

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