Evernote and Evernote Business are online organizational tools designed for note-taking. Connect OnePageCRM with your Evernote account and allow OnePageCRM to view and save notes from your notebooks, notes, and tags. All saved notes are stored in the Notes & Calls section of the contact's timeline in OnePageCRM.

In this article:
How to connect Evernote with OnePageCRM
How to assign an Evernote note to a contact in OnePageCRM

Connect Evernote to OnePageCRM

Go to your User/Profile icon (in the top right-hand corner) → Select  Apps and Integrations → Under Utilities select Evernote → click Connect to Evernote.

Once this integration is installed, you are brought to Evernote → sign in to authorize OnePageCRM by clicking  Continue

Once signed in to your Evernote account → click Authorize to allow OnePageCRM to view your notebooks, notes and tags.
  • you can choose for how long you want to grant Evernote access (1 day, 1 week, 30 days, 1 year)
  • Once successfully connected, you will receive a confirmation email from Evernote.
  • Assign an Evernote note to a contact in OnePageCRM

    Open a contact to which you want to assign notes from Evernote.
    Click Add Note and select Evernote.
    In the Evernote pop-up you can add notes in two ways:
    • Enter a keyword in the search field to find specific notes.
    • Click on a specific Evernote Notebooks or Tags to filter your notes.
    To save notes from Evernote in OnePageCRM, click on a single note or multiple notes and click Save.
    In Contact view under  Notes & Calls you can view your Evernote attachments by clicking on the  View in Evernote  link or delete these notes by clicking on the bin icon.  
    • You cannot save notes in OnePageCRM from notes that have been shared with you in Evernote Business.

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