Chrome Lead Clipper

Chrome Lead Clipper is a Chrome extension that allows you to capture leads directly from a contacts Twitter, Facebook & XING profiles or straight from your Gmail, Inbox by Gmail and (including Hotmail & Office 365) mailbox, and create them in OnePageCRM in just-one-click.

To install this extension, open your OnePageCRM application in Chrome and follow the instructions set out below:

    1. Go to Apps > Apps and Integrations (see A).
    2. Click on the Chrome Clipper icon under the Lead Generation Apps category (see B).
    3. On the Chrome Lead Clipper page, click on the Install (see C) button:
    4. In the dialog box that appears, click Add to install the OnePageCRM Lead Clipper extension to your Chrome browser. Once the extension is installed, the Install button is changed to a disabled Installed one.
    5. To start clipping leads:
      • Access your Gmail email client and open the email received from your lead.
      • Access your Twitter account and visit a contact's profile.
      • Access your email client and open a lead's email in your inbox.
      • Discover your contact's Facebook profile.
      • Open your desired contact's profile in XING.
    6. Click on the OnePageCRM logo to the top right of Chrome's address bar.
    7. Sign into your OnePageCRM account. This is required only once after the installation.

    8. Once signed into OnePageCRM, click on the OnePageCRM logo with + (see D) to clip lead details.

    9. In the OnePageCRM Chrome Lead Clipper pop-up, the public details of the lead are displayed. You have the option to edit the extracted details, assign an existing OnePageCRM Tag or create a new one. A Next Action for this lead is also pre-populated and scheduled for the following day.

    10. Click Save to add the contact to OnePageCRM.
    11. When the contact is saved, the Success! message is shown. Click on the View Contact button to open the contact in OnePageCRM and the new contact also appears in your Action Stream (see E).

    12. Once a contact is saved, the OnePageCRM logo appears to the right of the address bar displaying a tick symbol depicting that the contact already exists in OnePageCRM.

How to pin Chrome Clipper to the Apps menu

To pin the Chrome Clipper integration to Apps menu (see G), select the check-box Pin this application to the Apps menu (see F).


  • Contacts saved in OnePageCRM are automatically assigned Lead as their StatusGmail, Twitter, Facebook, or XING as Lead Source and the signed in user as a Contact Owner. Due to restrictions for non-admin users automatic creation of a lead source cannot be completed so contacts will be assigned a lead source Gmail, Twitter, XING or if it exists already in the account.
  • When clipping a lead from Gmail and, contact information from both Google and other social profiles related to this email address are pulled into OnePageCRM (check out video)
  • Lead Clipper works with (Including Hotmail & Office 365 accounts)
  • For uninstall instructions visit this help article.

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