How to assign a Next Action to a Contact

Next Actions are at the core of OnePageCRM and are the light touchpoints or the tasks (call, email, send quote) that you need to take in order to move closer to closing that sale. Set a Next Action and you won't miss out on following up. 

In this article learn how to set:
Next Actions Next Actions with time
Browser notifications for Next Actions Next Actions to Waiting For

How to set a Next Action

Open a contact → Enter your  Next Action text in the blue box.
Set a due date from  one of the following options:
  • Date
  • Date & Time
  • ASAP
  • Waiting For
  • Quick Dates

Note: You can customize the Quick Dates options. See here.

Note: To change the assignee, click on Me in Assigned to  →  Select a team member from the Assign to dropdown. 

Hit   Save.

How to create a Next Action with time

Open a contact → Enter your Next Action text in the blue box.
Open the Quick Select dropdown → Select the  Date & Time option → Set your preferred date and time.

Hit  Save.
Note: You can also use our  Smart date and time feature to create actions with date and time. Simply type your date and time along with your Next Action such as " Call Joe at 2pm next Tuesday", and the date will be automatically set. Read more.

How to set up browser notifications for time-specific Next Actions (Chrome only)

Install the OnePageCRM Chrome Extension
Sign in to the Chrome Extension , click on the OnePageCRM logo in the URL bar and enter your login details.
If you've set a Next Action with time, the extension will display a pop up to show you when a Next Action is due.

How to set a Next Action to Waiting For

Open contact → Enter your Next Action text in the blue box.
Open the Quick Select drop-down → Select Waiting For.

Hit  Save.
    • The majority of sales actions are “day based”, so use “Date & time” sparingly to reduce clutter.
    • To turn off the smart time/date detection go to your user profile (top right) →  Settings →  Preferences → Uncheck 'Enable smart date and time'.
    • You can find all your Waiting For actions in the Waiting For filter. See here.
    • Once a Next Action is assigned, it's not possible to delete it before this is completed. You must first mark it complete and then delete it from the contact activity timeline.
    • If you have more than one action, you can add them as Queued Actions so you don't miss out on following up. See here

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