How to set up Google Contacts sync using PieSync

NOTE: This integration is only available for accounts connected to Piesync prior to January 2021.
For accounts created after January 2021, you could consider using 
Zapier to connect your OnePageCRM account to another app.

PieSync offers a two-way sync between your favorite cloud apps in real-time. Integrate with PieSync to sync your Google Contacts with OnePageCRM straight from within your account.

In this article:
How to install PieSync integration
How to configure the Sync

How to install PieSync integration

Go to your User Profile / Initials (in the top right hand corner) → Select  Apps and Integrations.  
Under Communication Apps select PieSync→ click  Install.
Under Configuration   click I Accept to accept PieSync's Terms and Conditions 
Select  Authorize to link up your PieSync account with OnePageCRM. Note: A new PieSync account will be created automatically using your email address from OnePageCRM. 

How to configure sync between Google Contacts and OnePageCRM

Under Connection Rules  add filters and actions if necessary   click the  'ON' toggle  to set your sync rules  between Google Contacts and OnePageCRM.
Select the checkbox beside each option to set your  Connection Settings. 
  • Avoid Duplicates: This is automatically selected and cannot be changed.
  • Sync deletions: If you delete a contact in Google Contacts, they will be tagged as piesync_trash in OnePageCRM.

Choose to map any additional fields between the two applications under Field Mappings.
Select  Start Syncing Now! to enable your Google Contacts sync.
  • PieSync is a separate application and will require you to subscribe to a paid account after your free 14-day trial.
    • Signing up using OnePageCRM qualifies you for a 10% discount off the PieSync subscription.
    • On the Small and Micro plans, you're only allowed to add 1 rule per connection.
  • If you already have an existing PieSync account associated with your email address, they will ask you to enter your password.
  • All contacts deleted in Google Contacts will be tagged as PieSync_Trash and will not be automatically deleted in OnePageCRM
  • To add a contact from an email received in Gmail, you must first select Add to contacts to add them to your Google Contacts, they will be automatically synced to OnePageCRM after.
  • Your Private contacts in OnePageCRM do not sync.

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