How to update multiple contact's Lead source in bulk

To update the Lead source of multiple contacts at the same time, use the Bulk updates bar:

  1. Select contact individually by checking the checkbox beside the contact's name (see B) or all contacts in the Action Stream or Contacts list using the bulk selector checkbox (see A).
  2. Choose More > Advanced updates... (see C).

  3. Choose Lead source from the drop down (see D) and select your chosen lead source (see E)

  4. Click Apply to update the lead source of all selected contacts.
  • If you have over 100 contacts within a filter and you want to bulk update all of them, you can do so by clicking on the ...all # contacts link in the text appeared at the bottom of Bulk updates bar.
  • If a contact is updated as a part of a bulk update, this is not recorded when you run the Last activity filter in Advanced search.

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