How to use Scheduled Actions

If you have just completed your Next Action and have a Scheduled Action set, every day at midnight, OnePageCRM will automatically promote this Scheduled Action to the Next Action, so you don't miss out on following up.

Alternatively, you can auto-promote, add, edit, and delete scheduled Actions if you wish.

In this article, find out how to:
Promote a Scheduled Action (manually) Add a Scheduled Action
Delete a Scheduled Action (one by one) Delete Scheduled Actions in bulk
Edit Scheduled Actions (manually)

Promote a Scheduled Action (manually)

Once you have completed your Next Action, you can choose to manually promote a Scheduled Action to a Next Action by clicking on Next.

Add a Scheduled Action

If you have a Next Action set, you can add a Scheduled Action by clicking on the blue + icon.
Enter the action's details in the Add action box.
You can choose to assign a scheduled action to yourself or to another user on the account by selecting their name from the drop down.
Click on the date flag to set the date of the action → hit Save .

Delete a Scheduled Action (one by one)

Hover over the Scheduled Action → Select the bin icon.

Delete Scheduled Actions in bulk


Select contacts from your Action Stream → in the Bulk Updates menu, Select Actions.

Display Bulk actions bar

In the Bulk update actions menu, select Delete actions → Select Delete only my Scheduled and Queued Actions

Delete only my scheduled actions

Edit Scheduled Actions (manually)

Hover over the Scheduled Action → Select the pencil icon.

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