How to install the OnePageCRM Lead Clipper

The OnePageCRM Lead Clipper allows you to create contacts in just one click from a profile on Twitter, Facebook & XING or from your mailbox in GmailInbox by Gmail and (including Hotmail & Office 365), select and clip contacts from any website, switch between multiple OnePageCRM accounts (without the need to log out of your browser) and get browser notifications for time-specific Next Actions. The OnePageCRM Lead Clipper can be installed on your Chrome browser and Microsoft Edge browser.

In this article learn how to install the Lead Clipper:
On Google Chrome

On Microsoft Edge 

How to install the Lead Clipper on Chrome

Open your OnePageCRM account in Chrome and follow the instructions set out below:

Go to your  User Profile / Initials (in the top right-hand corner) → Select  All Apps and Integrations.
Under Lead Generation apps, select Lead Clipper  →  Click Install.

In the chrome web store select Add to Chrome  → in the  Add OnePageCRM Lead Clipper dialog box click Add to Chrome .
Sign in to your OnePageCRM account.

How to install the Lead Clipper on Microsoft Edge

Go to the Microsoft Edge store and find the OnePageCRM Lead Clipper add-on  Get.
Select Add extension in the dialog box.
Click on the OnePageCRM icon on your Microsoft Edge browser → Enter your login email and password → Sign in .

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