Preparing a CSV file for Merging Contacts

The merge import feature requires the OnePageCRM IDs for the contacts you're trying to merge. The contact IDs allow the system to match the contacts in your file to the contact in your OnePageCRM account, and thus once the contacts are matched the merge import feature will update the contact in OnePageCRM with the new information in the file you're importing. Follow the steps below to prepare your file to be merged.

The best way to prepare a merge file is to export a list of contacts from your OnePageCRM account because the export file will contain the contact IDs required to process the merge. Once you've exported your file from OnePageCRM, you'll notice a column in the file titled Contact ID, and each contact will have a corresponding ID, this way when you import your file for merging, the system will identify and match the contacts to be updated.
Make the required updates to your contacts in the export file → save file in .CSV format.
You're now ready to import your file and start merging the contacts on your file with your OnePageCRM contacts.
  • For information on preparing a .CSV file for import see here.

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