Merge Import

Merge Import allows you to update your existing contacts. If you have an export file from OnePageCRM containing updated contact information, you can merge the contacts during the import process. This means that the contact information in OnePageCRM will be automatically updated using the new updated information in the file that you're importing. For more information on preparing your CSV import file for merging contacts see here.

Go to your User Profile (top right) →  Import and Export Contacts.

Under  Import as  → select Existing contacts → click Select file to upload → choose the CSV file you wish to import.

Select file format (column separator) from the options below: 
  • , (comma) 
  • ; (semicolon)
Upload & Next.
In step  Map fields   → map the columns from your uploaded file with OnePageCRM fields and tick the Ignore checkbox for fields you don't want to import →  Next
- If you used our import sample file, the fields will be matched automatically.
- It's not possible to map a single field type to multiple columns in your file

In step Merge rules → specify the merge rules for each field and in your OnePageCRM that corresponds to a different column on your import file.
You have three options: 

  • Overwrite: if you select this option any new information on the corresponding column in your file will overwrite the information in the OnePageCRM field for contacts with matching contact IDs.
  • Append: you will only have this option for multiple value field types such as Phone, Email, URL, Tags, Background and Custom fields (checkbox). If you select this option, the information in your import file for the corresponding field will be added. For example, if you append the phone number field and you have new phone numbers in your file, the old phone number and the new phone number will appear in the contact.
  • Don't Overwrite: if you select this option your OnePageCRM fields will not be updated with the new information in the corresponding column in your import file. 

  • Merge rules are for contacts with a matching Contact ID in the database and import file.
  • There is no undo for merged contacts.
  • Unmatched contacts will not be created as new contacts.
In Step  3 Import click Start import .
Your merge import is queued, you'll receive an email once this is complete.

  • Merge import is a powerful feature and cannot be "undone". Please be sure to check that your list is correct before running.

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